About Us

Founded by Dave and Karen Fitzpatrick, Glowing Creation emerged from a unique convergence of backgrounds during the quiet of 2020. With Dave's experience in high-end cabinetry and Karen's consulting expertise, they united to craft something extraordinary in fluorescent Plexiglass art.

Our Story

About Glowing Creation

Dave and Karen's journey into the world of art was born from a shared desire to innovate and create. As Dave transitioned from his successful cabinet and furniture business in Omaha, NE, and Karen from her longstanding consulting career, they found a new calling in working with fluorescent Plexiglass. This medium, distinct from their previous experiences, sparked the creation of Glowing Creation, a small business with a big heart. Their vision was to produce not just art, but conversation starters – pieces that are as functional as they are visually captivating. At Glowing Creation, every artwork is a labor of love, designed to reflect the individual style of each customer and to make every environment they grace truly extraordinary. Their commitment to crafting inspiring art is matched only by their gratitude to the customers who allow them to pursue this passion.

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